Stars Wars: The Last Jedi

‘We are the spark, that will light the fire that’ll burn the first order down’

-Poe Dameron-

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As the Star Wars saga grows with unequaled velocity, George Lucas finds a way to keep the ever impending doom at a distance that keeps audiences far and wide coming back for more galactic-fuelled excitement.

Death and destruction face the last of the rebel alliance in Lucas Film’s latest installment as Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) must both find their balance in determining the force to fulfill their destiny.

As per usual, the special effects on offer throughout the film, leave little to the imagination, as the audience are engulfed in all things space, from a near-miss fighter jet crash to phenomenal close-ups of the Millennium Falcone.

Though many new faces make a debut, many old come to an end, as this film marks the beginning of the end for the original star wars cast, whose teachings are graciously passed on to the new generation of rebels.

‘The Last Jedi’ not only gives hope for the future of this all-consuming franchise but gives audiences a story to fall back in love with all over again, courtesy of director Rian Johnson, who puts the ‘war’ back into ‘Star Wars’.



Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

If you thought that the Star Wars franchise had already been rinsed dry, then I am afraid you would be wrong, very very wrong.

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This particular addition to the series is supposed to be placed at the beguinning of the stars wars story in an attempt to illustrate the rise of the rebellion.

Aside from the usual aspects of a LucasFilm production, such as weird human-alien crossover characters and sarcastic robot companions, this film is different in that it is final in its resolution; there is no sequel to follow.

Despite its finality, it is certainly not a let down, and as seems to be a repeated pattern within this franchise, the writers are certainly not afraid to dispose of your favourite characters, no matter how integral to the plot they may seem.

Another expectation that comes with these films is it’s extensive budget, and boy do they know how to spend it. From spellbinding backdrops of the galaxy, to galactic fight scenes full of saber beams and demanding stunts, no one can say that the choreographers and props team weren’t put to work.