God’s Own Country

This film is the epitome of beautiful moments for independent British films.

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When his father falls ill, it becomes Johns responsibility to run the farm, causing a ripple of bitterness between the two of them. But when a new recruit is brought it, John rediscovers his love for the farm and his family.

Homosexuality is still an incredibly sensitive subject in the cinematic world, and so to see such a beautiful incarnation of a homosexual relationship represented with such normalcy was a powerful reminder that all types of love matter. 

Josh O’Connor (John) and Alec Secareanu (Gheorghe) are both incredibly new to the acting scene, and yet both give exceptionally brilliant performances in roles that require both courage and passion. 

The film is a wonderful love story, that is centered around a character-based plot, that allows for a quiet transition from loneliness, to intimacy, in a blink of an eye.