Justice League

Teamwork makes the dream work; especially when saving the world.

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Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, the Flash (and maybe Superman) take on a villain that’s out of this (literally), in a fight that’s sure to go down in some sort of superhero history book somewhere.

Though the CGI is horrendous and at times the acting is just as unbelievable, the storyline is filled with action-induced excitement and puts the DC franchise on the right track for eventually catching up to Marvel Mania.

The true hero of this story, however, is Ezra Miller’s performance as the Flash, which is by far the most entertaining aspect of the film, giving a mere glimpse of what the 2020 Flash film has in store for us.


The Lego Batman Movie

A narcissistic Batman made out of Lego; need I say more.

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Since the original Lego Movie was released in 2014, we’ve all found ourselves pining for more. Well look no further, because Warner Bros. and Lego have once again joined forces to create the most hilariously enticing version of Batman since the 1960s tights fiasco.

But this is no ordinary Batman film, this is a Lego production, and we all know what that means; nothing, and I meaning nothing, is to be taken even remotely seriously. This is Batman as we’ve never seen him before and he’s as unpleasantly self-centred as one could have hoped for; begrudgingly fighting the joker to save Gotham by night and accidentally adopting children by day.

Whether it’s the perfectly timed comedic chemistry between characters or the visually impairing puns that fill the screen, this film never fails to entertain from start to finish.

Prehistoric references to past Batman films are a feature of the film that the creators revel in, with flashbacks that cross the animation boundary becoming a recurring event throughout.

Though the imagery and hilarity both excel expectations, this is not what makes the film a cinematic marvel; it is instead the film’s remarkable accessibility in its ability to please audiences of all ages that proves its excellence.


Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice

One man, two aliens; no it’s not a weird pornography movie, it’s DC’s latest attempt at a superhero movie.

I say ‘attempt’, because quite frankly it is underwhelming. 

Sure, they’ve stuck a new guy in the bat suit, but that just isn’t enough. Don’t get me wrong, Ben Affleck gave it a good shot, but Christian Bales shoes are big ones to fill.

When two franchises collide, it needs to be effortlessly executed. Did DC triumph in this area? Absolutely not. 

But it’s not all bad, the special effects, whilst potentially overcompensating for a rubbish storyline, were definitely a delight to behold; I mean, who doesn’t love an explosion or two?

Morale of this story; DC need to spend more time in pre-production, and less time with the stunts department.