God’s Own Country

This film is the epitome of beautiful moments for independent British films.

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When his father falls ill, it becomes Johns responsibility to run the farm, causing a ripple of bitterness between the two of them. But when a new recruit is brought it, John rediscovers his love for the farm and his family.

Homosexuality is still an incredibly sensitive subject in the cinematic world, and so to see such a beautiful incarnation of a homosexual relationship represented with such normalcy was a powerful reminder that all types of love matter. 

Josh O’Connor (John) and Alec Secareanu (Gheorghe) are both incredibly new to the acting scene, and yet both give exceptionally brilliant performances in roles that require both courage and passion. 

The film is a wonderful love story, that is centered around a character-based plot, that allows for a quiet transition from loneliness, to intimacy, in a blink of an eye.


Logan Lucky

Eccentrically ridiculous, yet somehow entertaining; the Logan family take the meaning of ‘heist’ to a whole new level.

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The three Logan siblings aren’t exactly in tip top shape to pull off a bank robbery; with one brother missing an arm, and the other with a dodgy leg. Yet, somehow, they beat all odds to undertake a highly unconventional heist at a NASCAR race in West Virginia. 

With Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum and Adam Driver in the lead roles, this film excels in the acting department, even if the plot seems nonsensical at times. 

Unlike any other heist films that have graced our screens, Logan Lucky definitely takes a new approach to the crime genre, with director Steven Soderbergh certainly not taking himself, or the storyline, particularly seriously.  

The Limehouse Golem

Horrifically solemn, with a loose sense of impending doom like no other; Victorian London at its finest.

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Inspector Kildare (Bill Nighy) is assigned by Scotland Yard to investigate one of the most mysterious serial killers that has graced the streets of Victorian London. From cryptic messages left with the victims to a whole host of suspects, Kildare must put together the pieces together before it’s too late.

Director, Juan Carlos Medina, has elegantly pieced this devastating storyline together by investigating each suspect, all whilst building a story of the murders and the possible incentives behind them. By seeing the perspective of each character, it enables a constant element of surprise that keeps the audience guessing.

Creating a believable Victorian London in this day and age is no easy task, but the production and cinematography of this film are flawless throughout, sewing the actors and the scenery into seamless chemistry.


American Made

Drugs, planes and the CIA; sounds like the dulcet tones of 1970s America.

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Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) leaves his comfortable TWA pilot life for a job with a little more spontaneity as he is recruited by the CIA to gather photographic evidence of the impending communist threat in central America. However, upon stopping for a refuel, Barry is offered a life-changing amount of money to begin working for the Medellin Cartel.

Based on a real story, this film investigates the political minefield of 1970s America, all whilst providing tear-jerking drama and intoxicating entertainment in the form of shock-worthy explosions and plot twists to puzzle even the greatest of minds.

Tom Cruise tunes into his character with his same intangible grinning enthusiasm as always, keeping the film lighthearted throughout, even when death seems imminent.


The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson acting alongside one another in the same film; need I say more.

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As an unlikely relationship forms, bodyguard Micahel (Ryan Reynolds) and professional assassin Darius (Samuel L.Jackson) must protect one another as they are tasked with crossing several borders undetected, all whilst being hunted down by bad guys. 

Though admittedly this film began as a funny concept, the novelty soon where’s off as the comedic genius dies in spectacular style with the same old jokes becoming recycled rubbish, regurgitated into each scene, leaving little room for the much need innovation.

Despite the film lacking in the comedy department, the chemistry between Jackson and Reynolds is electrically infectious and will bring a smile to even the most reserved audience members.

The Dark Tower

Magnificently dangerous with just a hint of magic, and that’s just Idris Elba’s character. 

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In a world where no one sees the world as he does, Jake is as secluded as it gets. But once his futuristic visions are found by the wrong people, his life takes a turn for the worst and he must find the courage to cross worlds in search of the reality of his visions. 

Idris Elba (Roland) and Matthew McConaughey (Walter) go head to head in a game of good versus evil as they emit worryingly accurate acting talent in rival characters. 

With the addition of new acting prodigy, Tom Taylor (Jake), this film definitely gives budding actors a lesson in artistic precision. 

Though the acting is powerful, it is nothing in comparison to the visual elements apparent throughout the film. The creative department show the stark contrast between the mystical world and the ‘real’ world with out so much as a double-take, making this film an eye-bending experience.

Atomic Blonde

Badass, blonde and beautiful; in short, the perfect secret agent. And the best part? She’s a woman.

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In 1980s Berlin, MI6 agent, Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron), is set an impossible mission; collect a dossier and bring down an espionage group before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Director, David Leitch, responsible for such movies as V for Vendetta and The Bourne Legacy, injects a drive of action that is contagious, by creating a fast-paced atmosphere that sends electricity through the seats of its onlookers. With a 1980s backdrop, Leitch has excelled in directorial magnificence, using idyllic settings such as cult themed hotel rooms to frame the eerie danger of the plot.

Charlize Theron takes girl power to the next level as she steals the lead role in this film and absolutely smashes it out of the park. From her effortless control of the screen to taking on her own stunts, she manages to give even the one and only James Bond himself a run for his money.

Though wrought with violence and embedded with an excessive amount of vulgarity at times, this film is a visual pleasure and a step in the right direction for equal rights amongst men and women in the acting industry.