The Boss Baby

Alec Baldwin is a baby with big dreams and a full nappy.

Image result for the boss baby

A sibling rivalry like no other occurs when Tim, the first born, is forced to welcome his new baby brother with open arms. But this isn’t just any baby, it’s a boss baby, who arrives in a mysterious taxi, wearing a suit and carrying a brief case.

Though the animation is full of life and a colour pallet that is sure to capture any young audience member, it is hard not to question the likeness of character animations between this film and that of Sony Entertainments ‘Storks’; a film that graced our screens in late 2016. The similarity between the characteristics is simply uncanny and in some sense questions the originality of the Dreamworks animators.

The humour throughout the film does however bring comic relief to both adults and children alike, with some jokes only recognisable to an older audience, with a big focus upon where babies come from, a tender subject for even the most adept of parents.

Despite the copious amounts of advertising that has encapsulated this films release, the film itself, unfortunately, does not stand up to its expectations.



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