T2 Trainspotting

Renton, Sick Boy, Begbie and Spud are back and they’ve brought their heroin with them.

Image result for t2 trainspotting

With the passing of twenty years, the infamous quartet seems less concerned about their latest drug fix and more about their relentlessly ageing lives.

Danny Boyle once again took the directorial reins, making this film not only gloriously picturesque, but full of violent drama. Boyle recreates the first person camera angles that were signatory of the original flick, to encompass his audience into Edinburgh life, making this revival just as trippy as its predecessor.

Despite the inevitable ageing of the cast, each character comes back as strong as ever and with a willingness to scrape at what is left of this much loved foursome.

With refreshing glimpses of their adolescence sprinkling the narrative in the form of flashbacks, you can’t help but applaud Boyle’s effort to reconcile his characters by showcasing them through two generations.

The stakes were set high for the next Trainspotting chapter, but despite the mounting pressure, this film highlights a production ability that most franchises lack; seamless accuracy.


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