Show business isn’t just for humans, turns out that animals have just as much talent to show off. 

Image result for sing film

The Simon Cowell of the animal kingdom takes the form of a koala bear named Buster Moon and is appropriately voiced by Matthew Mcconaughey.

Mr. Moon owns his own theatre, but with funds running low and no shows to perform, his last hope is to hold a singing competition in a bid to raise funds and keep his beloved theatre going. 

With a variety of animals traipsing their way on and off screen, the animating required cannot have been anything but a logistical hell.  But if Dreamworks did have any trouble conveying this, it certainly didn’t show. From the porcupine spikes to the koala fur, the details were achieved with enviable skill. 

With a title like ‘Sing’ you’d be nothing but disappointed if the soundtrack was anything but irritably catchy. Gratefully, the soundtrack fulfils the prophecy we have come to expect from such films and delights with well-known hits that will keep you twitching all the way home.


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