Manchester by the Sea

A relentless festival of heartbreak and death hits the city of Manchester, NH and it’s not for the better.

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Casey Affleck takes centre stage in this traumatic drama that is sure to break hearts all over the globe. 

After the passing of his brother, Afflecks character, Lee, must go back to his hometown to take charge as his nephews (Patrick) guardian. But this town is riddled with past decay, making ordinary life almost an impossibility. 

Acting talent is rife in this film, with Casey Affleck instilling heartbreak into every scene and Lucas Hedges (Patrick) portraying small town teenager with ease. 

The simplicity of this film is what makes it so stunning in its inauguration. There are no fancy sets, or overpriced costume production teams, instead the film flows with a kind of authenticity that has almost been made extinct in modern day cinema. 


4 thoughts on “Manchester by the Sea

  1. I absolutely loved this film – its a moving and emotional story but Affleck’s performance is incredible. Your summary of the authenticity of the film is exactly right – its bang on.


      1. Thanks for the comment – I still can’t get over the performance of Affleck. Im struggling to come up with another film where as you learn more about the character, you realise how good the performance of the actor has been, from the very start of the film.

        Also been interested to see some bad reviews for it – it seems to have polarised people quite a bit.


      2. Yeah, I’ve read quite a lot bad reviews about the film too. I think because it is quite a niche genre of film it perhaps attracts negativity.

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