Monster Trucks

This film gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘monster truck’, mainly because in this case it is literally referring to monsters who reside within trucks.

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Admittedly not the best premise on which to build a film upon, but given the fact that the director responsible for Ice Age, Chris Wedge, was behind this cinematic marvel, it was only right to give it a chance.

What a mistake that was. It is as you may expect, directed at a younger and less critically discerning audience. Which at the very least explains the cataclysmic disaster of the plot, that essentially revolves around a teenage boys angst for being unable to drive, and what better way to solve such resolute teenage unfairness than to use a giant oil eating octopus-like creature as a mode of transportation?!

As, apparently, this is every adolescent boys dream film, the creators clearly decided that just using trucks and monsters wasn’t enough, so decided to entice their target audience even more by throwing in some attractive teenage girls, just for extra measure.

Just when you thought this film couldn’t possibly get any more ridiculous, then along come the actors; a term to be used very loosely indeed.  There truly is zero acting talent throughout the entirety of the 104 minutes of onscreen‘entertainment’ that must be endured. The only relief comes when we are introduced to the monsters themselves, which quite frankly are the best thing about the whole film, even if they are CGI generated.



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