Office Christmas Party

Christmas parties are notoriously messy, but this one takes it to the next level. 

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From Jesus riding a horse through an office, to accidentally putting cocaine in the snow machine, this party gives ‘hardcore’ a new definition. 

With Kate McKinnon, Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston taking centre stage in this extravagant seasonal comedy, it’s not hard to see why it was over publicised before it’s December release date.

Apart from the mediocre comedy that riffles a few laughs, the film really does lack a sense of direction and indeed Christmas spirit. Granted, there are very few successful Christmas comedies, but even by the usual standard, this was a poor attempt by directors Josh Gordon and Will speck.

Throughout the film the laughs felt cheap and the overall story-line was missing a sense of purpose. Quite frankly the only good thing about the film was the actors they managed to persuade to be in it, who probably now regret the bribe that they inevitably took.


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