War Dogs

War is not a game; you cannot muck around with the US government and expect to come out unscathed.

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War Dog is a term for someone who makes money out of wars without actually being part of the action. And making money out of such a horrific situation can only be described as outrageously and morally disgusting.

The two gentleman who take the limelight in this film, Efraim and David, are war dogs, and they are willing to rinse the pentagon for all they are worth, even if it means breaking the law; which they do, repeatedly. 

A film that is so enriched in politics and social justice as this one is can only ever be controversial in its perception. But this film goes beyond this first layer of political hierarchy and helps you discover the wreck that lies behind the face of a war.

Though serious at heart, this is not just a film about political controversy and the Iraq war, it is  in fact a comical satire that bares resemblance to many infamous British comedies such as Dad’s Army and BlackAdder, admittedly with a much higher budget, and more serious undertones. But the general satirical look on the workings of war are clearly reflected in abundance.

The very fact that this film is based on a real story, not only shows that the US government have a blatant disregard for where there weaponry is from, but also the unexpected money that is pumped into funding a war that when all is said and done created absurd anarchy. 

A film like this is not only an incredible adaption of a real circumstance, but also a real eye opener, that has been performed and actioned with incredible unbiased accuracy that will almost definitely be a favourite amongst film critics alike. 


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