Sausage Party

Prepare to never eat food again after watching Seth Rogen’s devastatingly brutal comedy animation.

Image result for sausage party

Stockwells supermarket is full of food items that have high hopes of the outside world, or ‘the beyond’ as they like to refer to it. But these hopes and dreams are about to come crashing down when they learn what the reality of escaping the supermarket brings, and it’s not pretty.

The food items are under the illusion that humans are Gods and that once purchased, all food goes on to live a luxurious life with their human rescuer. This, as we know, couldn’t be any further from the truth, and it is Frank the sausage’s job to let his fellow food items know the horrific news. 

See, it turns out that the ‘God’s’ are actually serial killers, who will even go as far as slaughtering baby carrots for their own selfish nutritional benefit. 

Apart from the horribly depressing story-line that makes you feel ridiculously guilty for eating, the comedy in this film is a classic Edward Norton and Seth Rogen mash-up. And whilst it may be a little much that every other word is a f**k, you can’t help but love the boy humour that these two comedy legends have poured into this film.

But do be prepared when you go to the cinema, because whilst this is a definite winner in terms of comedy and characters, it will not be to everyone’s taste, given the fact that sexual innuendos are aloof and the use of paraphernalia is unfathomably high despite the fact that food cannot even get high; not that the rest of the film is entirely factual anyway. 


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