Cafe Society

Woody Allen’s cafe society delights on the big screen with wonderful atmosphere and crazy tales of love and lust, which  quite frankly is a wonderful wind down to a summer of outstanding cinema.

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Being propelled into 1930s Hollywood has never been so perfectly executed and Bobby and Vonnie are the stars of this Hollywood romance. Unfortunately the love between these two is left unrequited when Bobby discovers that the girl of his dreams is a lot more interested in his wealthy and successful uncle.

As is to be expected, one doesn’t get over such heartache with haste, especially when it is a family member that steals your girl, but alas Bobby eventually finds love again in him hometown of Manhattan, where he finally marries and settle down.

Though both Bobby and Vonnie find their own happy ever afters, there is always a sense of longing between them whenever they come in contact with one another, and though their light never went out.

Much like the rejuvenated Gatsby that graced our screens in 2013, this film follows along much the same lines in creating astonishingly accurate sets and providing exquisite costumes, making you feel as though you’ve been whisked back through the decades.

Not only is this film a refreshing look back through time, but it showcases the remarkable young talent that the film industry has to offer; even Kristen Stewart  is on form, showing that she is somewhat capable of showing varying facial expressions.


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