Bad Moms

Full of belly-laughing humour, and a heartfelt storyline, this film is bound to be a winner at the box office.

Image result for bad moms

Baby puke, moody teenagers and horribly embarrassing nights out; what’s not to love about being a middle-aged mum?

In potentially the most hilarious Hollywood blockbuster of the year so far, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn make for a unexpected and yet delightfully amusing trio.

Being a mum can’t be an easy job, especially with all those extracurricular activities you find yourself subjected to on your child’s behalf; with those frequent PTA meetings becoming particularly odious overtime. So odious in fact that Hollywood have taken it upon themselves to make a crude film surrounding said meetings’ frustrating pointlessness.

And what better to show the futility of such meetings, then to make a mockery of them. Because we all know that those who run the PTA are more often than not depressingly perfect, which is quite frankly completely un-relatable for most modern mothers.

This is why is this story one mum has decided to say enough is enough and take’s on her rival PTA mums with her fellow running mates to prove that not everyone can be perfect. After all not everyone can stay at home plumping pillows, some of us have to actually work for a living, as well as juggling this whole parenting malarkey.

What makes this film utterly euphoric, however, isn’t just the undeniable comedy that radiates from these women, but more the fact that the film is a standalone success without the need for a male lead.

And in an industry where we know men are over appreciated, a film such as this can only be seen as step in the right direction for gender equality amongst  Hollywood’s elite.

There is quite honestly no better way to show a women’s limitless strength than to show them taking on perhaps the biggest battle of their life’s; motherhood. Which, it turns out, is not only a hilariously disastrous experience for most, but also quite a difficult one.



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