Nine Lives

Small, fluffy and full of attitude; not it’s not a teenager, it’s a cat.

Well, technically, it’s a human trapped inside a cat’s body, but let’s not get into the semantics just yet.

A rich father who gives his daughter everything under the sun but the attention she deserves; starting to sound familiar? That’s because this is usually the set up for most big screen family comedies. But for once there is a plot twist, and fairly odd one at that. This useless wreck of a father gets transformed into a cat and has to cuddle his way back into his human body to show that he really does care, and can show his affection without the need for his wallet.

Yes, it is as weird as it sounds. Just think of it as Freaky Friday meets Honey I Shrunk the Kids and you’ll pretty much get the gist of this film.

But once the initial oddness that surrounds this story has worn off you can enjoy the ridiculous humour that is accompanied with such a bazaar situation. From peeing in your ex-wife’s handbag to attempting to alert your fellow humans that you are a cat using a ball of string to spell out your name, it’s safe to say that this film is full of comedy value for both young and old.

Although I feel I must warn you, it’s somewhat difficult to take Kevin Spacey seriously as a cat when you’ve recently been watching him conquering the USA in House of Cards; the word versatile springs to mind when thinking of his acting choices. But regardless of your Spacey perceptions, his performance is, as usual, of outstanding quality, as is that of the remainder of the cast.



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