Uncompromisingly daring, but full of pure grit.

A game like none other hits New York City, and causes quite a commotion. 

The game is Nerve. To win you must complete the dares assigned to you. There is only one rule; don’t snitch. 

But before you become part of the game you must first answer this question – are you a watcher or a player? 

Vee is a player; an epic mistake on her part. What starts out as a fun escapade, soon turns into a brutal reality.

Because Vee breaks the one and only rule, leading her to become a prisoner to the game. However, luckily for her, she has a handsome accomplish, and a bunch of loyal friends to help her out. 

Upon first glance, this film seemed like a terrible teen fantasy flick, but this, it turns out, was a horribly bad judgement call. This films originality is something that Hollywood has lacked for some time.

To turn a game of dare into such a realistic entity is a concept that can only be admired. Not once in this films 93 minutes does it feel as if the action is unsupported or that the story is lacks vigour. 

On the contrary, this film makes you, a watcher, feel part of the on screen world, part of the game. And for a film to truly entice you on this level, is not only a rarity, but a pleasure. 


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