Suicide Squad

Completely mad, devastatingly colourful, but epic nonetheless.

An unlikely troop of meta-human villains hit the streets as a newly formed band of heroes to tackle The Enchantress.

A new brand of superhero is brought to the big screen in an ingenious turnaround of classic comic book fiends. 

In a unique outlook on superhero life, this film questions every superhero stereotype that has ever existed; turns out you can turn the baddies into goodies after all.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the acting talent. On the whole the casting is gloriously successful, with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn being a particularly excellent choice.

But with all things in life, nothing is ever perfect, and Cara Delevinge as The Enchantress is about as far away from perfect as one could get. 

She just can’t pull off the badass vibe required of her, and her resolute smugness is nothing shy of annoying. 

The incessant action throughout the film however, is a thing of beauty. From the stunning slow motion bullet rainfalls, to the gymnastic like battle scenes, this film is ripe with stunt induced drama, and certainly a must see for all film fanatics. 


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