Star Trek Beyond

A surreal adventure turns into a cataclysmic war, but not to worry, Captain Kirk has it covered.

From Spock’s inability to suppress his bluntness to Scotties inevitable confusion, the trilogies final farewell certainly doesn’t disappoint.

And if the cast’s personality isn’t enough to sell the film, then the production department definitely makes up for any scepticism; it’s safe to say they clearly made full use of the budget given to them, because the props alone are out of this world (see what I did there? Pun totally intended).

Whilst the film might somewhat drag at times, and boy does it drag, the light-hearted moments amongst the enterprise crew seem to almost make up for the laborious drama-infused scenes, that no one wants, or needs.

But the crew, whilst impressive, isn’t everything.

It is the special effects, as is the case with the latter two films, which will wow audiences all around the globe. Aliens, explosions and sci-fi paradises just wouldn’t exist without their creators. And if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that these creators are outstanding in their field. Even if they are the one’s responsible for the demise of the Star Ship Enterprise.

Packed with action, phenomenally funny and perfectly produced; what’s not to love? Probably best I don’t answer that.


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