Ice Age: Collision Course

Was it a bird? What is a plane? No, it was Scrat.

Some may think the world was crafted by a God, whilst others may believe  in the Big Bang theory. But all your creation beliefs are about to be obliterated after seeing this totally realistic animation. 

That’s right, Scrat’s commitment to his acorn is what created the universe we know and love today. Who knew an acorn could have such a colossal impact? Literally.

You would have thought the creators of this franchise would have exhausted every possible angle there could ever have been for their characters, with this being their, like, 17th thousand film, or something. But no, luckily these characters are still full of fun and games, and ready to please audiences all over the globe. 

It seems almost certain that this won’t be the last we hear from this widely successful franchise; but even so, this film is definitely worth a trip to the cinema, for both young and old.


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