Absolutely Fabulous

More like absolutely ridiculous; but in a good way, of course darling.

This film sees the return of Patsy and Eddie as they tackle the  big screen in a story-line that rivals even that of Zoolander. 

Growing older can be undeniably unpleasant, and don’t these two fashionistas know it. In a bid to make their life a little bit more fabulous, they decide to take on a real life fashion tycoon; none other than Kate Moss.

But in their over zealous enthusiasm, they end endangering the life of the fashion icon when they accidentally push her over a balcony where she plummets head first into the Thames. Calling this a disaster would be an understatement. 

The aftermath to this incident understandably creates utter mayhem in the media. Leaving Patsy and Eddie with no other option to flee to the south of France, and begin a new life on the run. 

This film of course packs a host of hilarious kicks. And even if, like me, you find Joanna Lumley insufferably annoying, the film itself delivers what seems a never ending supply of comedy legends and worldwide famed models. 

The story, as is to be expected, is about as ridiculous as you could have imagined; Jennifer Saunders was responsible for this delight. From fetus injections to help put a stopper in the aging process, to inappropriate references about pubic hair, it’s safe to say that you’ll be able to find a laugh somewhere in this ninety minute fame busting insanity.


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