Central Intelligence

Apparently being in the CIA isn’t all about brains, but more about wit.

Kevin Hart (CJ) and Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson (Bob) form an unusual alliance in this latest action fuelled secret service comedy.

After quite an unfortunate high school incident, Bob decides to take adulthood a little more seriously and leave the bullies behind, whereas CJ revels in his high school days wishing that they had never ended. Whilst CJ takes on a mundane office job as an accountant, Bob joins the CIA to the surprise of, well, everyone to be honest.

In the run up to their twenty year high school reunion, these two just happen to bump into each other, join forces, and save the world on a wild and sometimes uncompromising mission.

Aside from the exploding action scenes, and heartfelt dialogue, this film is unbearably funny at times; from seeing the rock wearing a unicorn t-shirt, to hearing Kevin Hart refer to himself as a bite-sized Denzel Washington, it’s not hard to predict that film is bound to smash the box office.


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