Elvis & Nixon

Nixon and Presley; not exactly a classic pairing, but hilariously ridiculous none the less.

What could the king of rock ‘n’ roll possibly have in common with the president of the United States, well surprisingly quite a lot; turns out they’re both big karate fans – who knew?

This film, as odd as it may seem, doesn’t actually span a great length of time, on the contrary, it spans just a mere 48 hours, and is centred on Presley’s persistence to arrange a meeting with Nixon to address the drug problem at large in the USA.

But what actually happens once these two equally egotistical men collide? No, unfortunately they do not solve the war on drugs in a deep and meaningful conversation. Instead they talk about space rocks in a conversation that quickly turns into a my horse is bigger than your horse scenario.

Now admittedly this film doesn’t exactly have much substance to it, but rather gives an insight into the weird and wonderful world that Elvis and Nixon were part of, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to know more about such a brief, but bazaar relationship?


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